Trefoil Guild

Trefoil Guilds provide invaluable support to local units but also have a varied and interesting programme of meetings and activities just for members. Members include those presently working within Guiding or Scouting units, those having a break from Guiding or Scouting due to family or work commitments and those who have never been  involved in either Guiding or Scouting. There is always a warm welcome for anyone who likes the idea of learning something new, travelling, meeting new people or getting involved in local Guiding and Scouting projects

This is one way of helping girls and young women at a time that suits the individual who maybe cannot commit on a weekly basis. It is also a good way of keeping in touch with Guiding or Scouting whilst enjoying a range of activities with like minded friends

Find out more by visiting the Trefoil Guild web site here.

If you would like to make contact with a local Trefoil member for an informal chat please us the contact us form here.