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dofe7Girlguiding UK is the United Kingdom’s largest voluntary organisation for girls and young women, with around half a million members including about 100,000 trained volunteer adult Leaders and supporters.

Girlguiding was founded in 1910 by Olave Baden-Powell at the request of girls and young women who wanted to do what their brothers were doing in Scouts. In the last 100 years the organisation has grown and developed to offer challenges, activities and friendship that the young women of today enjoy.

There are four key things that make Girlguiding UK unique:

  • All girls are welcome. – Guiding is for girls of all backgrounds, abilities and nationalities.
  • We put girls in the lead – girls lead the way in guiding, so the activities are what they want to do.
  • We encourage girls to speak out – girls like to talk, and in guiding we encourage them to tell other people about the things that matter to them.
  • We let girls have their own space- we all need some space without boys around sometimes! With Girlguiding UK girls can just be themselves – making friends, learning new skills and having fun.

We can achieve anything.

We help girls reach their potential.

We give members a world of new experiences and friends.

We provide outdoor adventure for young people.

We make a difference to our communities.

We let girls make their own decisions.

We let girls discover new things.

We help girls gain confidence.

To find out more, explore our different sections and if you have any further questions please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help you.

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