Day 3 Mystical Creatures

Dress up a teddy like a gnome

Build a fairy garden

Equipment – either in a shoe box, plant pot or just in a nice shady space in your garden, gather leaves, twigs and recyclable material, make an eco-friendly garden for a fairy/pixie/gnome to live in

Decorate a Flower Pot Home

Use a flower pot turned upside down and decorate it as a home for a gnome; or decorate a toilet roll (or paper cup) and cut out windows and a door. Place a cake case on the top as  a roof and place an electric tea light inside

Create a Fairy Light Jar

Equipment – clean, empty jam jar, grease proof paper, black marker pens, electric tealight or fairy lights

Cut a piece of greaseproof paper the same width of the jam jar. Draw flowers, fairies, toadstools on the greaseproof paper in black marker pen. You could use black paper and cut out silhouettes and stick them to the greaseproof paper. Stick the paper to outside of the jar. Pop in the electric tea light or fairy lights and be amazed!

Make your own magic wand

Equipment – a stick or you could use a drum stick or wooden spoon; material or paper to wrap around it; glue or sticky tape to secure the material or paper; streamers or ribbons, stickers to decorate.

Make or decorate fairy cakes