The nation depends on you!

As we come to the close of our planned activities here is your last mission! (sorry it’s a bit wobbly but it was being filmed in a top secret facility quickly for the sake of the mission!)

This is a massively slowed down version – morse code is much faster than that – here is an example of the real speed of the letters – operatives must have been amazing!

Work out this message for the sake of the nation!!

Once you have worked it out you are ready to then prepare your sleepover camp to join in with our recorded camp fire songs.

Here is the link:–bICPPS3qI&

Tune in at 8pm so that we can all sing together and the beauty of this is that you can rewind and sing your favourites again and visit our channel at any time to watch in the future too! We hope you enjoy it and again don’t forget to send in some photos of your campfire sing song xx