Tuesday – Day 5!

Day 4 was amazing – we had brilliant photos of trefoils sent to us made so very creatively out of things like money, socks, cheerios and sweetcorn to name but a few! We will share photos as soon as we can ⭐️ Thank you – please do keep them coming!

🇬🇧⭐️So what will Day 5 bring?!⭐️🇬🇧

On VE Day everyone sang and danced. So we would like your to listen to some 1940s songs – this is a good link


You could send us videos of you singing, or tell us which is your favourite and how it made you feel?

One very famous song it would be good if we could learn would be “We’ll Meet Again” ready for Friday!

Enjoy 🇬🇧⭐️🇬🇧

Challenge day 3

Are you ready for Day 3?!!

Day 2 was amazing – we had so many lovely comments and pictures sent of girls and families enjoying the challenges set by Kingfisher and seeing uniforms from the past – it brought back many memories!

So what does Day 3 involve?

On VE Day spontaneous celebrations happened in every village and town in Britain. Even the Queen (who was then Princess Elizabeth) begged her parents to be allowed to join the crowds outside the palace and dance with her sister and friends she was so excited!

Here are some amazing photos of some of the celebrations.


Your challenge today is to use these to recreate a picture or scene from the celebrations. You could use Lego, Playmobil or toys – or even with your family and take photos and share with your leader and with us – we would love to see them. Have fun!

Here is a YouTube video showing all the crowds and imagine the excitment! Look at the wonderful fashions and the cars and buses – enjoy


Challenge Day Two!

Today we have two videos for you. In the first, Kingfisher takes us back in time to learn about ‘Guiding Through The Ages’


BUT don’t watch the second video until you have looked at the challenges for your age group below (Rainbows age 5-7, Brownies age 7-10, Guides age 10 to 14 and Rangers age 14 to 18).
When you are ready – watch Kingfisher’s video and complete your section’s challenges!
Kingfisher’s Challenges: https://youtu.be/B50zSmLLQQo?fbclid=IwAR1jgG838VRDlKexxim07-VdZ7BOnIoj3mZaL5_JeoxX7r9KINFd9OANwJshttps://youtu.be/B50zSmLLQQo

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