Day 5 Real Creatures

Create shadow puppets of real animals

Equipment – sunny wall or torch/desk lamp and a wall or piece of white paper or card 

Guess the animal quiz – join Hannah for a fun quiz

Draw or collage your favourite mythical creature and make it into a stained glass window

Equipment – paper, tissue paper cut up into roughly 2cm pieces) or cellophane sweetie wrappers, pva glue, a polypocket

Draw or print off a favourite creature make it even more fantastic or be a Magical, mythical creature yourself  – Are you a brave lion, intelligent owl, playful panda or a mixture of all three? Reimagine yourself as a mythical creature with magical powers to match

Very carefully cut it out, leaving the edges uncut – this is the “window frame”

Place your window frame ontop of the polypocket and brush pva glue over the paper and the polypocket (great fun!)

Lay the tissue paper or cellophane, overlapping, over the “window pane” and on the paper so it is all covered and leave to dry.

Once it is all dry gently peal the paper off the polypocket and it should look like a stained glass window. Pin up on your window to let the light shine through.

Raise awareness of a real animal

Some animals are so amazingly adapted that they look like they could be a fantasy one. Here are some – seahorse, duckbilled platypus, hummingbird, elephant seal, axolotl, pangolin

Choose one (or one of your own!) and create a fact file about them or a poster highlighting the environmental pressures on them.

Create a habitate

Does your favourite real creature live in a jungle, forest, desert? Recreate their habitat – you could use either a shoe box, cardboard box, in the garden or in a washing up bowl, anywhere where you can make a great habitat for your favourite animal. 

Create any animal using this fun rosette technique

Equipment – construction paper: Coloured pencils; Glue;Scissors

Watch this video

 and although it mentions doing a bunny you can use it for any animal you would like it to be – who can make our County Commissioner, Andrea, an axolotl face?!!

 Make a paper horse that walks!

Equipment – paper, scissors and ruler and something to make a slight slope