Day 2 Alien Creatures

Make finger print aliens

Equipment – paint or ink; paper and felt tips – googly eyes optional

Dip you finger in the paint or ink and make finger prints on a piece of paper. Leave to dry. Then draw legs/arms/eyes/antennae – anything that your alien creatures might need! Here is an example ->

Biscuit aliens

Equipment – any biscuits, icing (either glace or fondant) smarties, chocolate buttons

Create aliens on biscuits and use smarties as eyes

Alien space ship

Using junk – model a fantastical space ship for your alien

Build a three legged alien

Using Lego or other building blocks create a 3 legged alien that must be able to support itself.

Make alien milk – must only ever be drunk by aliens!

Equipment – shallow bowl or plate with a high rim (eg oven dish lid or Ikea plastic plate); milk, different coloured liquid food colouring; cotton wool balls and washing up liquid

Pour enough milk to cover the bottom of the dish about 1cm

Carefully drop dots of food colouring in patterns around the milk

Soak a cotton wool ball in washing up liquid so it is quite soggy and then gently place the ball in the middle of the milk and watch the colours flow!

Make toilet roll aliens

Equipment – toilet roll (empty), paper, paint, pipe cleaners and pompoms, googly eyes; stickers

Either paint or wrap paper around the toilet roll and decorate your alien any way your like. There are lots of ideas here ->