🌟Adventures through time & space – Day 1🌟

Click here to listen to Andrea tell you all about ‘Lucy’ the first discovered female human!

Prehistoric people have left their mark in many ways – many by accident such as footprints in the mud of the Severn Estuary at Goldcliff, near Newport South Wales left by people of the Mesolithic period; and many on purpose such as the rock carvings of a reindeer in Cathole Cave in the Gower South Wales. There are many examples of cave art across the world too. We are going to explore different ways of making our mark with our prehistoric activities!

Here is a little bit about the footprints at Goldcliff and how this part of Wales would have looked like 12,000 years ago https://www.livinglevels.org.uk/…/…/prehistoric-gwent-levels

👣Create your own mud foot prints👣

You could use sand in a garden sand pit and pour water into it to make it damp and then walk around leaving footprints and let it dry.
You could even wet soil in your garden and do the same (if your grown-ups don’t mind!)
OR get some sheets of paper and draw around your feet and cut them out and make a trail around your house. All your family could do it and then make a mobile or put the cut outs into a photo frame!

🎨Create your own cave art🎨
There are lots of different types of cave art from all around the world.
Click here to see a video of cave paintings in France -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnSq0c7jM-A and some different types of cave art around the world is shown here -> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cave_painting

You could use a sheet of fine sandpaper and use crayons to create a seen from Lascaux in France or create your own hunting scene. You could also use chalk on an outside wall or footpath (check with your grown up first!)
OR use paint and either paint your hand and make hand prints, or paint around your hand so that when you lift it, it leaves a void. You could do this with all your family and make a special memento!

Have fun and don’t forget to send us and your leader photos! Post on social media using the hashtag #GgGwentTimeandPlace