Day 5 – 🦍African Jungle🦍

🦍Click here -> to hear Hannah tell us about Dian Fossey, a leading expert in gorillas.🦍
🥁We are very pleased to have the children from Kafunjo Community Project in Uganda film some of their favourite songs – use your Djembe drum that you created on Thursday to drum along to the songs, or use pots and pans and beat to the rhythm 🥁
🦎🕷🐛🐸🦍🛶Create your own jungle either in Lego, Playmobile or cuddly toys hiding in your houseplants or in the garden
🛶Create a boat or raft made out of recycled materials or with Lego (you could incorporate it into your jungle cruise. Click here for some great ideas ->🦎🕷🐛🐸🦍🛶OR make it a little harder and use string andsticks
🦎🐸Join us at 3pm for 30 minutes with James fromEssex Reptiles who will show us creatures from the African jungle! (We regret we can only admit those who have completed consent forms prior to the event) 🦎🐸
We really hope you have enjoyed our Adventures Through Time and Place and please do share all you have been up to with us. We have loved being with you even though we are apart and look forward to more fun in the Autumn. Many thanks,

Andrea County Commissioner for Girlguiding Gwent

*Badges are available for sale to commemorate this event, please contact for payment information.*  

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🚀Day 4- Space🚀

Click here -> to watch Lexie our very own space expert tell us all about Katherine Johnson who helped put humans into space.
🌕The moon is a fascinating place! 🌕🌖You could draw the moon and label some of its features OR create a quiz to test your family!Click here to learn some amazing facts ->
🌍☀️🌕🚀Play a game🌍☀️🌕🚀 *** With members of your household have a go at playing this game… one of you is the Sun (you could make pictures of the sun, moon and earth if you wanted), choose someone else to be the Earth. The Earth starts to walk around the Sun. Earth also spins on its own as it goes around the Sun, so Earth now start spinning slowly as you walk around the Sun. (This is how we get day and night as the side of Earth facing the Sun is light and the side facing away is dark). Now choose someone to be the Moon. The Moon needs to move around the Earth and spin on its own too. THEN choose someone to be the Apollo rocket who will loop in a figure of 8 around the earth and the moon. Make sure no one collides as that would be a disaster!
🚀Just for information click here for the Apollo 11 flight plan
👩‍🚀Imagine you are going to the moon and design and create your own space suit. Create your space picnic tea.
🛸🛰Tonight you are going to spend the night in your own space station. 🛸🛰Prepare your den or tent ready as your space station, ready for our camp fire sing song.
🏕Click here at 7.30pm to watch and join in with our Campfire sing a long your night in your space station – don’t forget to send us some pictures!
Join us tomorrow for our final day on a Jungle Cruise!

🌊Day 3 – the Ocean🌊

Today we will be exploring the coral reefs.
Click here to hear Libby tell us about Ruth Gates, a leading coral reef researcher

🌊Your challenge is to create a coral reef in a shoe box OR with food!🌊

Try and use recycled materials if you can. You can paint egg boxes to be rocks and use pipe cleaners and decorate coffee filters to be coral.

Click here to be inspired by some suggestions on Pinterest ->…

Use cake and biscuits and icing and toppings of your choice to make a tasty coral reef! You could decorate biscuits to be fish or sea creatures. Create a whole meal with an underwater theme!

Don’t forget to show us your creations and use the hashtag #GgGwentTimeandPlac

🐒Day 2 – Africa🐒

Click here to listen to Ang tell you a little bit about Jane Goodall, an inspirational chimpanzee expert.

Click here to watch a short clip about Jane Goodall

To celebrate her work we are thinking about all things chimp.

This clip shows how chimpanzees communicate – have a go at copying some of the gestures and expressions

This clip shows how chimpanzees were first observed by Jane Goodall making tools –

🐵Have a go at using objects around your home in a different way – for instance a dish might be a hat or a steering wheel for a car

🐵OR with an adult’s help use some DIY tools to make a chimpanzee from bits of wood, nuts and bolts

Learn a bit about Kusafiri, the WAGGS Africa world centre……/world-cen…/kusafiri/about-kusafiri/

Dress up as one of the Kusafiri animal mascots.…

Make and decorate a Djembe drum . (in these instructions it says use Styrofoam cups – we used paper ones and they worked fine!)

We can’t wait to see what you create today! Have fun! #GgGwentTimeandPlace