Tredegar House adventure.

East District held a sleepover for Sixers and Seconds from Beechwood, St Johns, St Andrews and St Teilos slept at Tredegar House! We could take 30 girls and it would be 6:00pm – 10:00am (on the dot!)


The weather was dry and sunny so the girls were able to meet the Guiders, Curator (Emily) and Phil from Tredegar House at the main gate to walk through the lovely private gardens to the main entrance.


All girls were sleeping on the floor in the New Parlour Room and Guiders in the Morning Room.  Once girls were happy with sleeping arrangements we could start the fun! We went out into the private gardens for a scavenger hunt and some games they enjoyed the running around game; Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening amongst others.

As the sun was setting the girls went back into the house and down to the Servants Hall for craft!  Tredegar House stipulated that the craft the girls did should not have the following: glue, glitter or paint, our Guiders accepted the challenge and created some fantastic crafts for the girls.  Girls made wire pirate skulls, stained glass hangings, pirate masks and pirate treasure tea lights.  All their makes were put in a pirate box for taking home the next day.  One of the Guiders is an expert at making paper boats – the challenge was to see the smallest she could make!

As the girls were making their crafts Emily the Curator took small groups around the house on a torch lit tour. She took them up to the attics (found an old Architects office up there!) down to the cellars (no wine for the Guiders though!).  All unlocked doors were opened and girls could peer inside to see the hidden secrets of Tredegar House.

Girls had snacks in the Servants Hall and then got ready for bed.  Girls used the treasure tea lights in their sleeping area and they were placed to guide the way to the loos for night time.

All the girls had a fantastic time and it was such a great opportunity for them.  Huge thanks to all the East District Guiders who came along and to Emily and Phil from Tredegar House who give up their time to allow this for the girls.