Reach for the Stars

On Tuesday 31stOctober, over 200 members from Girlguiding Gwent travelled Newport to take part in a series of activities provided by British Airways. The morning session was filled with Rainbows and Brownies, who all took part and learnt new things about the aviation world. The girls were taken through the agenda of being an air hostess, and the kind of things the job involved. The girls loved dressing up in the costumes and demonstrating to others how to correctly wear a lifejacket.

The girls were shown how to inflate a life jacket if they were ever in an emergency and about the science of the gasses inside the jackets. They were surprised as to how cold the jackets were!

The girls also had the opportunity to develop their teamwork skills by entering the tallest tower competition. The girls were given only lollypop sticks and pegs, and were challenged to race against the other teams to build the tallest tower. There were lots of different designs giving the girls the opportunity to experience the engineering side of the aviation world.

The apprentices from British Airways ran a session with the girls about designing a really cool paper aeroplane. The girls learnt about aerodynamics and came up with some really creative designs for the outside of their planes. There were some designers of the future in the group!

Everyone was  given the opportunity to try their own engineering challenge, which included correctly applying washers, nuts and bolts to a trefoil design. This was really tricky for the girls, as they had to ensure they didn’t forget anything, as well as following the colour pattern! The Rainbows picked it up really quickly.

The afternoon session was adapted for the Guides and Senior Section. The girls did similar activities that challenged them to think outside the box. They learnt how to wire a plug, as well as make a stable bridge out of lolly pop sticks, straws and masking tape.

The girls received a certificate and a special badge designed for the event. Everybody had a fantastic time so big thank you to Girlguiding Gwent and British Airways for providing such fun activities for the girls to try.