Llanyrafon Rangers hold an 18th birthday party

Caitlin writes “It was  my 18th birthday on the 11th of October and (to my complete surprise) my fellow Rangers threw me a surprise party the day before when we had our weekly meeting! As I walked in our usual meeting room the lights suddenly turned on and at least 5 or six Rangers screamed happy birthday in my ear (fortunately my hearing is still in tact) and I then saw that the room had been decorated with balloons and banners to celebrate my birthday!

Of course it’s not a British birthday party if there’s no classics such as Colin the caterpillar cake, party rings or a mildly competitive game of pass the parcel (only one fight ensued from this) all of which were all included by my fellow Rangers in the evenings celebrations. During the evening we also used our arts & crafts skills (mine being very limited) to decorate party hats to match the birthday theme.

After I was very kindly given an 18thbirthday card that was signed by everyone in my unit and sung Happy Birthday we were all also given custom made “celebrating eighteen” badges that celebrate any units young leader turning 18 and therefore becoming an adult.

Overall it was an amazingly fun evening that I am extremely grateful to my unit for taking the time and effort to organise (even though I usually hate surprises it’s safe to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this one).