GOLD Europe 2018

Sophie George successfully applied for The Go for GOLD weekend held on the Lorne Estate, Northern Ireland. The end goal was a place on a GOLD project.In her own words she describes her selection experience.

It was tough – but a lot of fun. I made some great friends, got some fab ideas to take back to my unit and was thoroughly exhausted. I can’t tell you what we did but I can give you some tips.

  1. Remember it is a selection – so matter how tired or frustrated you are put on your best game face.
  2. Take some simple resources with you – I took some things to light a fire (tampons, Vaseline, some matches), a print out of some useful knots, and a ball of string.
  3. Maybe consider sleeping in your clothes and keeping your day bag packed at all times.

After the selection weekend was the long wait to see if you’d got a place. There were around 80 of us at the selection weekend and only 40 spaces available so the competition was tough. Around 2 months later I receive the email. I’d been selected to be a member of Team Europe 2018. We were going to be the first team going to two countries in one trip – 10 days in Estonia, followed by 10 days in Georgia.

Once she had accepted the place fundraising had to begin in earnest to raise the £2000 required. Letters were written, badges sold, raffles run………

Sophie says “With just 3 months left until we jet off final preparations are under way – getting our kit and resources together, doing the final bits of fundraising. I’m a little nervous but mostly very excited!”

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