Celebrating a centenary

5thNewport North Brownies were among many groups finding out about the Suffragettes on the centenary of the first women being given the right to vote. The Brownies were very shocked to find out that there was a time when men were allowed to vote, but women were not! The Brownies agreed the Suffragettes were very brave women and had given girls of today a better life.
As the Suffragettes’ colours were green, white and violet (to complement the slogan ‘Give Women Votes’), the Brownies enjoyed lots of crafts with these colours, and played lots of games to help them understand the suffragette story. The Brownies have made green, white and violet cupcakes, bead designs and rosettes. The girls especially enjoyed making flags, similar to those that would have been held at suffragette rallies. They recognised that the peaceful protests held by the suffragettes had a big impact on having their voices heard!

The Brownies also took part in a mock debate discussed issues such as whether they should have to wear school uniform, and if both girls and boys can play all sports. There were lots of interesting discussions, and we all learnt that it was important to hear other people’s opinions when discussing controversial topics.

Many units have undertaken the Centenary of Women’s Vote Challenge set by Sam Morgan of 1st Rhiwderin Brownies and have gained this special badge.