Perseverance pays off!

Girlguiding members from seven different counties met recently to complete their Gold Duke of Edinburgh expedition. As teams require at least 4 members, for reasons of safety, it is often difficult for young women to complete this section in their home area. Chris Hutchinson, D of E Advisor, for Girlguiding Cymru, solved this problem by gathering the participants together for training, practice expedition and assessed expedition. Village halls and camp sites booked, trains met and participants transported, supervisors and assessor arranged – no mean feat!

Team TASSEThe assessed expedition started in rain and all were very “damp” on arrival in the first camp, but spirits were high. The weather improved and clothing was set to dry on fences and rocks at any convenient stop on the following day. The participants worked well together in their teams and navigation proved to be accurate – even if the ground was very boggy in places. Unfortunately the weather deteriorated on day 4 and the groups ended, as they had begun, in rather damp conditions, but still singing!

Well done to you all and we look forward to seeing (rather drier) photos of you at St. James’ Palace in the near future.

     Red Team the end