D of E

With the lighter evenings so the D of E expedition season gathers momentum. Planning  has been ongoing through the winter months and a recent training day saw 16 girls out with maps and compass practicing their navigation skills. The first expedition took place on Gower where a team successfully completed the silver practice expedition. In a few days time several bronze level teams will be out for their practice. If you are interested in finding out more about the D of E Award visit the web site (link at the side of this page) and if you would like to participate through Girlguiding, get in touch via the “Contact us” link. The award encourages independence and skills for life and is greatly valued by employers and universities.

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Additional training dates

If you are looking for Safe Space, a full First Aid course,sectional training, Join us/Go! or are interested in becoming an ALQ mentor then additional training dates are now available. See the members area for details of dates and how to book.